Il Corniolo

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The farm “Il Corniolo”, located at 500mt. a.s.l. takes up a property of 56 acres of gentle hills at the foot of the Castiglione walls. For centuries this land has provided an opportunity to feed the families and grow the children to many generations of farmers and cows raisers.

The farm is located between the Orecchiella and the Apuane parks making an ideal base for an endless number of hiking or horseback excursions. 
At the end of the 80’s the last family of farmers left the house and ever since the stables have provided shelter to a dozen of riding horses. 
Today, in addition to the riding activity, we have started introducing natural farming methods to grow “farro”, an ancient cereal, apples, medicinal herbs and wild berries.
Our major focus is on environmental care and local traditions, searching for ancient fruits and plants like the “Formenton otto file” corn and the “Giallorino della Garfagnana” bean.
In addition to practising organic farming we have also undertaken other environment friendly initiatives like eliminating the usage of non-recyclable material for the horses beds, use of renewable source for heating and electricity and use of natural products for sanitizing the pool.

Castiglione di Garfagnana
Località Le Prade 25 - 55033 Castiglione di Garfagnana
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