The feast table

The passion for our land, the love for nature and the respect for the traditions distinguish the productionof Garfagnana Coop. 
The different producers participating in Garfagnana Coop grow "farro" (emmer) once without using chemical products and treatments in full compliance with the regulations of organic production that does not include any traditional type of fertilization and treatment. 

The jams are madeof fresh fruit of the plants of the members or collected in the wild in the woods, with the addition of sugar cane; steam cooking without adding any additives guarantees the authenticity and high concentration. 
Garfagnana Coop cultivates all its products with the greatest care, using only organic methods tested and certified by AIAB (Italian Association for Organic Agriculture)


Guided Tour: Farro della Garfagnana PGI

Sillicagnana (San Romano in Garfagnana)
Loc. Staiolo, Sillicagnana - 55038 San Romano in Garfagnana
0583 613154

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