Fortezza delle Verrucole

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The fortress of Verrucole soars at the heart of the northern parto of Garfagnana because its aim was to control this land. The structure has medieval origins. It was strengthened during the Renaissance and has been inhabited until the most recent centuries. The association M.H.L., made up of expert on historical research and educational divulgation, creates a Medieval Archeopark to reproduce the living conditions of the human settlement from the XII century. Its aim is to retrieve the ancient everyday life thanks to the architectural and historical point of view together with guides who re-enac the aspects of the life condition. The fortress revives thanks to the organization of civil and military environments and the recovery of the vegetable garden such as the medicinal herb garden "Il Giardino dei Semplici" which was useful for the medieval herbal medicine. Keywords: to captivate the attention, to convey a documented knowledge whitout boring or numbling tourists with dates or pompous words.


Visitors have the great opportunity to give themselves a challange, participating in the educational activities (both adults and children) so that the visit becomes an authentic experience.


The medieval tavern of the Fortress is an attraction for tourist who want to discover the authentic taste of our land.


The Fortress is open from May to October and on reservation. Visit our web-site and Facebook for information and events.


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Verrucole - 55038 San Romano in Garfagnana
Giulia Paltrinieri
340 3586862

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