Borgo Fondo La Tera

peace and relax

Borgo Fondo La Tera is formed by four units: the attic is compound by a kitchen, a sitting room, two bedrooms and two bathrooms (with Shower). The under flat is set on two plain, where in the past there was a warehouse and a cellar. An now there are a kitchen and sitting room in tavern style. By a wood stair is possible to go. From the kitchen to the two bedrooms and the bathroom (witch shower) and from the terrace. To the garden and the swimming pool. Second bathroom with laundry service is next to the Kitchen.


The third flat is the biggest and is realized in the cowshed and the barn. It’s comprises of three bedrooms and two bathrooms: one upstairs and the other into the under stairs. Kitchen is characterized by two notable chestnut beams and the sitting room has a little fireplace. Going towards the garden with the swimming pool and coming up a flight is possible to go into. The flat with the hut roof and the fireplace. It is provided by two bedrooms which one of them. Has a private bathroom.
All the flats are provided by independent heating and they are set like First years of  XX century and built to modern standards. Into the green of the garden, make ”Borgo Fondo la Tera” a good holiday place for family.


Pieve Fosciana
Via Voltone 27 - 55036 Pieve Fosciana
0583 666055

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