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Garfagnana Guide is an association of qualified hiking guides who live in Garfagnana and in the Serchio Valley

We know our homeland and we would like to share with our guests the knowledge of the environment, the nature, the history and the culture of our land.

Each of us, besides the qualification, has is own passion that is applied to our guiding activity: Armanda, birdwatching, Maurizio, photography, Pierluigi, history and cartography, Stefano, botanic and photography, Rosita, meditative activities, Attilio, local 'exploration', Riccardo, fauna and local food.

The association has a weekly hiking calendar; the guides are also available for tailor made routes and for several days hikes.


Pania della Croce


Pania di Corfino


Eremo di Calomini


The rock carving


Monte Forato: the hole with the mountain around

Pontecosi (Pieve Fosciana)
Loc. Braccicorti 38/a - 55036 Pieve Fosciana
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