Ass. Apians

outdoors adventure

Next to the tranquility in the Garfagnana villages, the tasty local cuisine and hospitality farm, Apians also wants to promote tourism of emotions going to find very special and fascinating itineraries, usually not accessible without a proper organization, but that they represent the true nature of this land. 

Then we will use the mountain bike along paths and old roads, descend ravines, canyons and caves, huge holes dug into the water and climbing routes will travel in total safety approaching it correctly environments such spectacular as they are sensitive. We will be spectators of nature, combining respect for the environment safe and fun.


Canyioning Orrido di Botri


Canyioning Rio Selvano


Speleology: La Tana che Urla


Sunset on the top


Castelvecchio Pascoli (Barga)
Castelvecchio Pascoli - 55051 Barga
347 3910123

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